So, even though this wiki is meant to be a really fun place, we have a couple rules here. Just so you don't end up getting randomly banned, here are some rules for the Smasherpedia!

1. Do not vandalize pages, if you do, no matter what it is, you get a 10 month ban, regardless. Do not mess with others pages.

2.  Ask with us before editing a page. I know it sounds strict, but I would rather not be rushing around always checking the pages that I don't know about, it makes it a better place. If you do, you get a warning, do it again, another warning. After that, it is automatically a one day ban.

3. Do not farm badges. It is really annoying having to delete lazy edits just because someone wanted to farm a bunch of badges, which really don't do anything. It is a one day ban for each edit made for the purposes of a badge.

4. Don't upload useless images. This means anything involving nudity, R. 34, useless or just generally something not on a community for people who are probably like, 14, or something. If you do, it will get deleted and you get a warning. After that, 1 hour ban. Again and it is, you guessed it, a 1 day ban.

5. Don't be a skrub.

6. Do not try to run this on a toaster, your car or a potato.

7. Worship Shrek.

8. Have fun.

K that's it. You can go now.

Seriously go before I call 911.