All of the places we resided because Nintendo won't make a community for us.

Where most of us originatedEdit

A lot of us originated in the Youtube Community, some originated elsewhere... But all of us at one point probably lived in the SSBS Community. At least until Nintendo changed it into the SSB3DS/WiiU community.

The Legend of SmashersEdit

Our next home was The Legend of Zelda Series Community. Too lazy to add more at the moment.

Wii Fit U into a SmasherEdit

After Rosaline gave the request, many Smashers started flocking to the WFU Community. At first, everything was fragile, and many Smashers initially refused to leave the TLoZS community. Many thought the move was going to fail. It didn't. It was the first successful move since TLoZS. Only one person verbally rejected and disliked our move to the WFU Community, and that person was JAY, who TALKS IN ALL CAPS-LOCK LIKE THIS! Ever heard of Lower-Case, dude? Eventually, we settled down in the WTF Community.